A better option

I was scanning the Lord and Taylor accessories page on line this morning, and the colors of these scarves caught my eye.

As most of you probably recognize, they’re Noro colors.  As would any normal knitter, I took a closer look to check out the stitch pattern and see what they were charging.  It’s a simple, broken rib pattern: Row one k1,p1, Row 2 knit.  But the big shocker was that the yarn is acrylic, and they’re charging $48 dollars.  Good lord, what is this world coming to?  You could knit this thing up in an evening or two using beautiful Silk Garden.  You’d have a beautiful, hand-knit item, made of real, natural fiber, and an extra $12 left over.  Toss in a $10 Starbucks gift card and your teenager would be totally delighted.  If you used Kureyon, you’d have $20 left over and could throw in a cool Starbucks commuter mug too. 

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